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  • UX
  • UI
  • Development


Fold7 is an independent creative advertising & digital company in London that creates award-winning social, brand, design and digital communications. With the aim of the website to create a digital portfolio and bring to life the agency’s personality, we were inspired by the unique layout and design of the offices.


  • Alex Frison de Isla (Dev)


We were briefed by Fold7 to design a digital home that would became an extension of the Fold7 offices in London and an online touch point of the vibrant brand language. Considering the site needs to speak to potential clients as well as to the internal culture, the aim was to strike a balance between the fun, light and quirky personality of the agency, while allowing the impressive scope of work on the website to speak for itself.

Creative Concept

The design and interaction of the site were informed by Fold7’s logo and mascot - the fox. By nature, foxes have an inquisitive and bashful personality but are also playful and adventure-seeking. Inspired by this, we created a website that was playful and experimental. This came to life in the functionality, page transitions and micro-interactions within the site, creating a fun and experimental user experience.