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Milck is a photography and video studio based in Cape Town. We were tasked with creating a clean and minimal logo and website for the new photography and video studio. With a focus on white space and simplicity, we created the visual language that lends itself as a canvas to display the art produced by photographers and videographers in the studio itself, resulting in a synergy of content and brand identity.


The brief for Milck Studio’s website encompassed the primary objective of creating a clean and minimalistic website that embodies simplicity and maximizes white space. Our approach was to create a clean and minimalistic visual language that serves as a backdrop for showcasing the stunning work produced within the studio.

Creative Concept

Our creative concept for Milck Studio revolved around the idea of capturing creativity through clean lines, minimalistic design, and a focus on white space. Like a blank canvas, Milck's brand identity serves as a backdrop for the vibrant artistry produced within its walls. Through the synergy of content and website, Milck Studio becomes not just a space for photography and videography but a sanctuary for creativity to flourish.