Sunya Collective



  • Branding
  • UX
  • UI
  • Development
  • 3D & Motion


Sunya is a collective of creatives that seek to change the negative impact the fast fashion industry has on the environment through blockchain technology. Sunya means zero, or the state of nothingness. Sunya approached us to assist them in bringing their idea to life by creating a brand and digital home.


  • Thys Lotter (3D)
  • Francesco Michelini (Dev)


Sunya approached us to assist with their strategy, branding, UX (User Experience), and UI (User Interface). Each aspect was crucial in laying the groundwork for Sunya's journey towards revolutionising the fashion industry. By leveraging blockchain technology and embracing the principles of zero-waste fashion, Sunya's brand and digital home will serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring consumers and industry players alike to embrace ethical and ecological practices in their fashion choices.

Creative Concept

Derived from the Sanskrit word for "nothingness," Sunya invites individuals to step into the void, embracing a state of limitless possibilities and reimagining fashion as a conduit for innovation and sustainability. The creative concept revolves around the notion of stepping into the void – a metaphorical gateway to a new realm of fashion and wearables – as individuals step into the void, the stretched U, speaking to the void concept. Inspired by the fragments of a diamond, Sunya's colour palette consists of shades of grey. This concept invites individuals to embrace the unknown and explore the boundless possibilities of sustainable fashion driven by blockchain.