Kode Media



  • Branding
  • UX
  • UI
  • Development


Kode Media is a London-based production agency that makes films people love, share and remember. With the belief that wonderful work comes from creative generosity, we were task to create the visual branding and digital home for Kode.


  • Locomotive (Dev)


We were approached by Kode Media to help rebrand and build a new digital home for the agency in light of their upcoming 10-year birthday.
The rebrand aimed to present Kode Media as a reflection of the 5 founding partners, culturally and professionally, while creating the foundation for the new website. From there, we aimed to create a digital experience that not only showcases the agency's exceptional talent but also invites audiences to immerse themselves in a world of storytelling.

Creative Concept

Utilising the chevron shape as a design element throughout the branding was a powerful way to extend the brandmark beyond the confines of its usual logo representation. Using a five-column grid, to create the logo, spoke to the five founders of KODE that form the foundation of the agency. This concept expanded into the brand’s visual language and digital home via the website.