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M&C Saatchi Abel is an integrated creative agency who believe in the power of brutal simplicity of thought. Their purpose is to create beautifully simple solutions in an increasingly complex world – with this in mind, we developed a brand identity and website.


  • Geoff Dawes (Dev)


For the brief, we were tasked to rebrand and expand the branding into assets and the brand’s digital home. Inspired by their ethos of The Brutal Simplicity of Thought, we focused on developing a brand identity and website that not only embodied the agency's philosophy but also showcased their creative excellence and innovative approach to problem-solving. Our objective was to capture the essence of M&C Saatchi Abel and translate it into a visually compelling experience.

Creative Concept

At the heart of our creative concept lies M&C Saatchi Abel's slogan, "The brutal simplicity of thought." We interpreted this ethos as a call to action, inspiring us to create a visual brand system that embodies the agency's commitment to clarity, innovation, and effectiveness through simplicity. Collaboration is a cornerstone of M&C Saatchi Abel's approach to creativity, and our creative concept reflects this ethos by celebrating the power of teamwork and collective genius.