• Branding


Hailr is a playable advertising solution that helps brands create a world of data-driven experiences. The South African-based company creates experiences that reward users for their time and attention while providing value and insights back to brands. For Hailr, we created a brand identity that positions them as leaders in the digital marketing space.


Hailr approached us to assist them with launching their new brand name and introduce a new era for the business. The brand identity brief for Hailr was aimed at defining their visual language and positioning them as leaders in the playable advertising arena. After creating a distinctive logo, and choosing colours and fonts that best suited the brand, we developed a set of brand assets, including icons, patterns, and illustrations, to enrich Hailr's visual identity and facilitate brand recognition.

Creative Concept

In a world where attention is currency, Hailr stands out as a trailblazer in the digital marketing realm by infusing gamification elements into its advertising solutions. The creative concept for Hailr revolves around leveraging graphic elements, photos, and icons to evoke the thrill and excitement of gaming while seamlessly integrating them into the digital marketing landscape. This concept aims to engage audiences on a deeper level, turning everyday interactions into immersive experiences creating a retro, nostalgic feel.